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Body Reducers

Waist Reducer and Cincher with Booty Enhancer

Virgo Shapewear

Sale price $45.99 USD Regular price $119.99 USD
Waist Reducer and Cincher with Booty Enhancer
Bruselas - Body Reducer
Bruselas - Body Reducer


  • Body Reducer - Super fast solution for slimming waist line
  • Makes you look nothing less than perfect and minutes
  • Silky elegant outer looks and utmost comfort
  • No strips - can be use as invisible under garment for variety of outfits
  • PowerNet inner lining & Internal elastic silicone
  • Flat seams that doesn't mark
  • Lifts and shapes the buttocks
  • Lycra lace for a perfect fit on buttocks
  • Mid-section compression system
  • Steel bone natural posture and extended 
  • Prod Code for Ref: Bruselas 

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