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Waist Trainer & Fat Burner

Neoprene Body & Waist Trainer Vest

Virgo Shapewear

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Granada - Neoprene Vest With Fastening
Granada - Neoprene Vest With Fastening


This is sweat-suit Zipper Neoprene Body & Waist Shaping Vest. Made with Neoprene to enhance body heat which helps quicken weight loss, Utilizes the body`s natural heat to help trim of inches. This product can be used during yoga and kick boxing, postpartum belly abdomen corset. 


  • Superior neoprene to Increases body temperature.
  • Neoprene uses natural body heat to burn fat faster and help loose weight quicker
  • Great for exercises in gym or for outside use.
  • Reduces abdomen and waist size.
  • Made of neoprene and supplex.
  • Product code for Ref: Granda

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